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Happy New Year!

I want to thank everyone who has followed and liked my pages on Instagram and Facebook, to those who have taken the time come stop by my website that I put a lot of work into. because of you I am doing the job that I love the most and am able to put myself into it fully. I wouldn’t be near any of the accomplishments I’ve made if it weren’t for you. So again thank you, thank you for liking my page and my photos, thank you for following, thank you for spreading my name whether through word of mouth or online you all have made this journey so much fun and rewarding.

I wanted to make this post as of course a thank you because I really cant say it enough, but also to let you all know that I’ve rebranded and changed the name of my photography business. You’ll notice that I am no longer called Photochute but now Meghan Chute Photography. You’ll also notice my new logo that I am in love with and fits my aesthetic more. Simple and beautiful, just the way I like to create my photos.

I can’t wait to venture further into my photography career this year and meet a lot of new people and continue to push into the world of wedding photography. It’s something that I’d love to specialize in one day but I like the challenge of everything that comes first in between. I love that I’ve gotten to work with more families this year than I ever have and been a part of some magical moments. Let’s keep supporting each other in any way that we can and make 2021 an amazing year!

Meghan Chute Photography.

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